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Because of our reputation for handling a wide variety of litigation matters on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds, The Keramidas Law Firm is frequently called upon by insurance companies to handle subrogation claims against third parties. Our subrogation experience ranges from small property damage claims to large commercial claims.

The experience of our attorneys in defense litigation provides us with the ability to understand the goals, arguments and strategies of opposing counsel. This invaluable insight allows the attorneys of The Keramidas Law Firm to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes of plaintiff’s counsel and to maximize recovery on behalf of the insurer.

At Keramidas Law Firm, we provide expert legal assistance for clients who have been involved in subrogation claims. Subrogation in a legal context relates to the right of one person to substitute into the place of another to pursue recovery of monies or some other claim. This can apply to many areas such as car accidents, uninsured motorists’ claims, properly losses, and the like. Typically, especially in the context of auto accidents and other personal injury claims, one insurance company is attempting to make a recovery from another insurance company. For instance, if a health insurance company has made payments toward the medical bills of an auto accident victim, that health insurance company would typically have a right to pursue a subrogation claim, in order to be reimbursed for any amounts it paid, from a potential settlement involving the automobile liability insurance carrier for the at-fault driver.

At Keramidas Law Firm, we have experience in negotiating subrogation interests from the perspective of each of the parties involved. We can assist with best positioning your interests for recovery.

Keramidas Law Firm has years of experience in managing subrogation claims from the perspective of his injured clients. Such clients benefit when subrogation claims are minimized because their net recovery will increase. Keramidas Law Firm’s trusted experience as lawyers has allowed them the opportunity to represent insurance companies and other parties with respect to subrogation interests. These clients’ goal is to maximize their subrogation recovery amount. Because of his perspective gained from arguing both sides of the issues involved, Keramidas Law Firm has developed an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that the respective parties may have, given the facts involved. Often these matters involve an effective analysis of how to most efficiently resolve issues while minimizing costs and increasing net recovery. Again, experience plays a key role in the ability to do this.

Most states differ in their particular subrogation laws, so it is important to choose a lawyer well-versed in local laws. Our experience with local laws and with the local courts also enable us to serve effectively as local counsel for out-of-the-area attorneys who need assistance with claims filed in and around Dallas, Texas.

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